Political by Sam Richards

Political political,
Everything’s political.
This poem is political.
You are.
I am.
If you post pictures of your fluffy cat
On Facebook,
Or your brat doing something you think is
That’s political.
Don’t kid yourself:
There’s nothing that’s not political.
Even kidding yourself
Is political.

If you think “political”
Only applies to politics –
That’s political.
Quite possibly
That’s what politicians
Would like you to think;
And that too
Of course
Is political.
In some ways
Are only marginally political
But they are fully political
Just the same.
Thinking you can live your life
Free of politics
Is political.
Assuming the arts
And music
And poetry
To be outside politics
Is political.
Language of course
Is political
Before you even open your mouth
Or commit words to paper.
Paper is political,
So is the screen of your laptop
So is your laptop.
Digital is political.
Science is political
Both dead and alive
Schrodinger’s cat is political.

Going shopping is political
To the Nth degree,
The Nth degree is political.
Shopping mall or old market street,
Both are political
As is your choice
To use one rather than the other
Or both.
Hedging your bets
Is political.

Taste and judgment
Are political.
Your aesthetic preferences
Are political
Even though you may think they’re not –
They are.
The choices you make
Are political.
Doing nothing all day
Is political.
Loving it and not giving a sod
Is political.
Is only political
And nothing else.
There’s nothing more political
Than money
Or the lack of.

But surely
The golden sunset of the enfolding evening
Settling over the wild, wild moor
Clouds ablaze with shepherd’s delight
(Cue the music)
Is void of politics:
Political, political
That’s not political…
Nice try,
Sorry to disappoint:
But sunsets
Have influenced decisions,
Provisions and visions,
Ordered and organized
Human societies
And anxieties
For centuries,
They govern, control, console
Have power in the evening hour
Where their symbolic appearance
In films, poems, paintings, novels
Is fruitful, crucial
Not neutral.

Dreams and desires
Are as political as a revolution.
They are the roots of revolution.
Denying the political
Is like denying climate change –
You can’t be a-political.
It doesn’t exist.
Being fed up
With everything being political
Is political…