Five Protest Haiku by Simon Williams

Sucking Guinness through
a straw gets you drunk fast.
Hence fracking.

Western Black Rhino
didn’t go extinct this week.

Companies sue governments
for loss of profit

Wind turbines
destroy the environment.
Give me nuclear.

There’s a scientist
who denies global warming
from his mountain lab.

Messing With The Fruit by Simon Williams

I’ve made a table orrery
with a bright yellow grapefruit at the centre,
a damson for Jupiter, satsuma Saturn.
Closest to the sun, I’ve put a wortleberry.
I’m pleased with lychee Venus, cherry Mars
have found an uglifruit for Neptune.
Uranus suits a fig suits Uranus.
Pluto is a Skittle, cast down as not a true fruit.

That leaves Earth.

I’ve scanned the shelves in Sainsburys,
been through their guavas and pomegranates.
I asked a greengrocer’s advice,
said I wanted something blue and green,
with a soft bloom that skuds across its surface,
something the dew runs round endlessly
to keep fresh, a fruit still on the vine.
He says we need to go organic.