Villain by Spoken Word

I am willin’ but their nonchalance is chillin’
Are you a victim of social disorder and it’s floored ya?
I want to ask them
Why do we continue to create all these ghettos and borders?
I don’t hate you
You are shady, you did play me
now you soiled my community, my family name
But beef is not how I
want to define my game.
I don’t mean to curse on my verse
Just looking for a more loving universe
I want freedom to run free,
Like water gently running through my toes
Like a blackbird in the sky,
I know we are different but all these labels are making us die
All the deceased, too many lives that have been prematurely fleeced.
Those left behind to afraid to protest or make a sound
Less Mac Daddy and more a golfer without a caddy.
Listen, tradin in metaphors is crazy,
Because there are too many lives snapped like a broken white daisy
There are too many graphic headlines, and I am worried
It does not faze me
So we can dress up the tragedies in dazzle and gloss
It still remains that are communities feeling the real cost.
Just because a life was short
Does not mean that life was worth less
Taking a photo, sharing your sympathy
While you take us deeper into the mess.
That my friend,
Will cause civil unrest.


Don’t want the lime light
Doesn’t feel right
Keep my head down and hold tight
But it’s a fore-closure because the exposure, has left me fro zen
Try to mind the gap, fall on my back.
Need celloptap and tac to make a comeback.
Minds like spa ghetti hanging from a tie rack.
Thoughts exposed
Like cheDDar melting under the sun.
I am a SOLD*er without a uniform
Seen too much, tired and torn
Battled and now I am rattled
My community is exhausted and n’ tatters.
Life of the hunted. That is our young.
Too many dreams lost to knives and guns.
Cries for help simply shunned.
Like an old chevy, our hearts our heav y,
when will we let our young be free?
Why can’t we let our children live the life they deserve?
Instead we hear the 100th headline bout stabbing on another turf.
It feels too me like we are loosing too many young souls on earth
And if they are being born to die why are we giving birth?
We need a new sound, new range.
If we stop arguing about our postcodes, we can create a change.
We need to stop the hating and start engaging
Youth violence is worldwide
Politicians are not helping, so it’s on us all
as one voice, one community,
To turn the tide.
Youth are 43% of the global murder rate.
And to complicate, its because we discriminate
against a mans colour or beliefs that is causing all this loss and hate.
So we need to make a choice, do we want to loose another young life?
Or unite together and be one voice?