Why by Stefan Gambrell

There are no places left for racists so let’s hope for a cure,  and it’s dangerous to give credence to an evil so pure.

With an ideology that’s forged from a hate resolute,  as Zealots teach bigotry to a new Hitler youth.

No explanation for Racism can never be attained,  as hatred retrains it’s aim and fires      again.

Spewing out vitriol with alarming precision,  trying to justify poor life decisions.

There can be no ranking of our colour, race or creed,  not one of us is superior when we are cut we both bleed.

Now I’m not about to spout bought rhetoric, no I thought better of it,  then I read a poem listing who they came for and when.

Would I be on that list?  Yes.  So lest we forget to respect those that death has touched already.

Let’s learn to love so many things about each other,  try not to smother others’ opinions or thoughts.

Love can’t be self taught because it’s extended through friendships irrespective of religion,  colour, creed or race,  it’s a disgrace to breed hate and cause false division, or force more suspicion into our psyche.  It’s highly unlikely but I might be wrong.  Don’t we all belong?

I want to look a true racist in the and ask WHY? WHY?

Why do you want to fight all the time?  Why?  Why confine an unkind mind inside an undefined child?

I would ask for real reasons and not made up excuses for morals as loose as your fundamental core beliefs and concrete hearts and ask WHY?


Why can’t you smile for a change,  engage your brains and not your fist, we are all the same when the mist clears.

I want you to see that you can be you and I can be me,  where the truth is good news and we all walk free.

Where you can walk with me and talk with me, about the hypocrisy of racist division,  we could make this decision right now,  make it permanent somehow.

We are not born of a country we are born to this earth, without shirts just skin of many shades, we are all made the same, born free from blame and heading the same way.

From birth to death, so let’s use mirth instead of racist hate, lets create a better way to communicate.

These verses hurt to write,  we should be sick and tired of spite,  why fight over who we like or call friend, start a new trend bring intolerance to an end.

Let’s tell prejudice bell ends  they can defend their ire no more,  as their masks fall to the floor for the last time,  it’s time to be kind.

Let’s redefine the fine lines between love and hate,  and negate false fears,  let’s go for a beer or two,  allow me to show you that our combined force is a force for all.

Let’s separate what parts us,  celebrate this cathartic process and start to possess feelings where there were none, start believing we are one and the same,  we just got our own names.

Now this could all be possible if we were all responsible for each other and not ourselves,  we are born to our mother, were not all products of hell.

So as this rhyme ends have our lessons been learnt,  let’s just try to be friends and not vessels of hurt.

Have i made myself clear has enough blood has been shed,  I could never be a racist,   Nuff said.

No More by Stefan Gambrell


So here we are, it’s time for the Neanderthal Bard

But I’m marred by a world scarred by hard nosed business

As wealth grows to a limitless need an uncontrollable greed

But I won’t concede as trees bleed from green to brown

Soon no longer around, just dead ground.

All fracked and fucked up and then sucked up by

Capitalist misfits from a higher class, with their heads

Up their arse, in need of a stark remark but I’m not a

Harmless spark, I’m fully charged fire starter and I’m

In the afterglow so know this.

If I’m coming for you then I’m coming for the truth

And you can’t reroute me and put me off track and

Distract me I know exactly what strategy I’m using

So in a less confusing way so I can say for sure with

Pure intention that prevention is the key to living


We need to stop. We need to stop unconditionally

Listening, it’s time to be loud we are allowed to be

Proud. So be proud of being human and securing a

Future that feels much looser and where laughter is

Free and a hard grafter can see a happy ever after.

Where help and care are driven and where giving isn’t

Seen as giving in.

I’m not inspiring a class war I’m inciting no war at all,

Now you can call me mad, but who is it that profits

From war torn lands. I’m not a prophet or a holy man

But even I can understand that when a man kills a man

For this green and pleasant land then the blood is on

Hands of the Few.  The few that choose to loose the

Lives they use and abuse the patriotism of a nation.

Still making mistakes as hearts break every day.

From the cold old folks to the broken veterans and war

Widows cast to the shadows of this world,  little orphaned

Boys and girls, torn from mums and dads when we bombed

Sadam in Iraq and then bombed Bagdad and as the middle

East was overcome by grief world leaders would meet

And decide the price or cost of each life lost.

So now I’m angrily demanding these leaders or yesteryear and the

The hear and now come on up and take a bow then take

A vow of truth and allow me to prove that proof of life

Has no price but huge worth here on Earth than in the

World of hurt we are on course for.

This planet is sore it’s been ravaged and torn in a war for

Oil and dominance but a predominant status isn’t what

Makes us who we are.

So you can’t phase us or make us fall apart, take a

Chance on your heart.  It’s usually right you know if you

Choose to fight all foes with reason and accountability

But words of freedom without stability falls on the

Clothe ears of peerage peers and their expense

Accounts where no amount is enough to be pumped


But that was before but no more, no more because we’ve

Got our abacus’s out and calculators ready we are incredibly

Telling the many, everything to everyone the time has

Come to be the ones that cages things, exchanging

Haters for lovers and enemy’s for brothers.

But we have got to stop connecting the Dots and protect

What’s plane to see.  It’s not as easy as 1 . 2 . 3 all their

Dots from the start to the end and in between.


Draw your own future and get used ta knowing your

Neighbours by doing them favours for no reward but that

Warm feeling you get from believing in yourself again

Try to break away from negative messages oppressing

The sensitive of nature in favour of the beast. So

Reach.  Reach for the sky. Why? Coz it’s ours and

With this positive charge we have come so far.

So now it’s time to collect the correct taxes from

The cunts and the wankers off sure the ones above the

Law where distance is an instant barrier between the laws

Of this land and the  common man.

So let’s make this stand together. Become one with reality

Stop turning our backs on depravity,  feel the gravity,

Sense the reality and actually care. Let’s try to comfort

The scared. Let’s in trench respect and honour as a matter

Of course but our law courts enforce unjust deeds so we

Are all at sea. Will the BBC ever cover our screams and

Believe me this world is screaming, our world has done s

Bleeding for the greedy we need to be stampeding for the

Needy to be strong. Teach the weak they belong on and

Even plane and say.  No more.  No more. No more

Of the over privileged picking and pillaging poor peoples

Pockets for more rockets and drones. We are alone no more

We don’t want more war. We want to talk before we

Fight . We might wanna try something nice instead

Of a warhead led advance . Give love a chance for fuck

Sake there is so much heart ache and pain today but

Believe me please there is so much more to see than war

Born poverty.  And I wanna be part of it but not the half

Hearted part coz I’m a glass and a half. Lower class

From the start, ready to impart all I know. And I will go

Toe to toe, and stand side by side or back to back as I

Mount an attack from my side if the track. So it’s time

To fight then win then cheer.

Here hold my beer.