Wake up, my Beheaded Son by Taofeek Ogunperi

[A Mother’s Lamentation]

Yee, I’m doomed!
Here it lies before me
The head-less body of my son
In white garment diving in blood.

Here it lies, less troublesome
‘Mother’ He can no longer say
He cannot… Yee, yee yee!
What an unworthy life have I?!

He cannot run errands for me again
If it hurts, he won’t be able to complain
If he is happy, I cannot see him laughing
I cannot find him amidst his mates
He won’t… Yee, I’m doomed!

Whom have I offended?
Is it God or human being?

Who’s the one who killed you
Without pitying my going through pains
Before I gave you this stolen life?
Who took you from me
When you’re dawning your life
When you hadn’t lived?

Wake up, my beheaded son
Here’s your favorite food
Wake up, eat it before it’s cold
I’ve bought you new clothes
Put it on, it should be your size.

Your friends are here for you
They said it’s time you played football…

Wake up, please wake up!