Ode to Jeremy Hunt by Tee Francis

Jeremy Hunt, what a shame;

the BMA are not to blame:

you give staff and patients hell

with NHS on your lapel.

You anaesthetise us through the press

with soundbites on the NHS,

then defecate on ‘low achievers’

rashly thinking we believe that

care is better privatised;

life-line services monetised.


Jeremy Hunt, rhymes with this:

a place synonymous with bliss,

birth, life and sanctuary–

motherhood and maternity;

nurturing and caring, I guess,

which is just like our NHS;

but not you, the posh child giving suck

who truly couldn’t give a fuck,

and while you smirk in shirts of silk,

you asset-strip our mother’s milk.


Jeremy Hunt, what a country

this is now, to put it bluntly:

a class-based cleansing epidemic,

poverty policies are endemic;

eugenics, social engineering–

as a nation we are veering

to a state where being healthy

is a privilege for the wealthy.

Shrug it off with a sneer or a lie,

for only low-achievers die.