Normalists, by Marizela Ríos Toledo, translated by Yolanda Duque Vidal

They are students.
Bodies and faces that still outline in the sweetness of twilights
of their hills
Avid meat with brief doses of audacious epiphany
in the age of the innocence of their nature without wrinkles.
With stridency
the bronze kills the sparkling alchemy of their paradises
Their true self
Their freedom!
The needs of reconcile with the close gold of their dreams.
Today they are not having the presence of matter in social statistics.
Their heads
skyscrapers of unexplored adventures
they have lost the compass of the world!
the extremes of the history and their transformations
the embrace with their cardinal’s points.
They was been killed without reason
They was been heartless in their eyes and their tongues
They was been dehumanized them from their collective heritage
From their unique love!
Forty-three hypothetical homicides
they were committed by the carnal servitude.
The false justice!
Forty-three times they covered with obstacles
each delivery of hesitations