Facebook, by Zuzana Susu

in 10 years all machinistics and intricacies, the targets of the algorhytms and the claim ‘they’ now quickly make on ‘communitystandards’, have all changed. when was Zuckerberg before the Tribunal ? 2 years ago, or perhaps 1½ year ? the topic there was to protect young people for, against, themselves. for sexual predators, hedgefund geniuses. what I did remember was how Zuckerberg succeeded to answer each highly specific question with the big unpersonal hypercorporate answer: that they would work on it. the paradox is that, if they want such social media to work, they have to install filters (against porno, religious fanaticism, hatesites, hatepages, that mentally sick people with violent purposes can not set up a web to organise, for instance, a neoKuKluxKlan (laTrumpe does that for them)). of course horrendous things happened but I have an idea without Facebook and Twitter such heinous things would also have happened. so they have to install filters and on the other hand, leave some freedom to the 2?, 3? billion users. but then we talk about such national varieties, ethnicist cultural habits, somehow still taking the Western white male viewpoint as reference. already 10 years ago I had fiery discussions with überZelous people with their rocksteady conviction that what they thought, was moral world measure. this paradox between the Amish and Las Vegas (to make a stupid comparison but for the sake of clarity) sits in the heart of the social media and, probably, in humanity. in the beginning (I think FB started perhaps in 1994?) but for me that was 2009, it seemed more personal, with friendship, even love, sometimes a ‘groupfeeling’, you really had the feeling you talked with individual persons and being who I am, filterless I dived in, headlong. now it seems all more abstract, more infested with ads. while I also remember that, if I got too many ads concerning available women, and the algorhytms discovered that you weren’t interested, they placed more ‘gay’ advertising. in the beginning I had many feisty discussions, which sometimes totally derailed, not to my dismay. to defend a friend, for instance Elazar, and some had antisemitic sensibilities, then it could turn particularly nasty. this seems now no more the case. I must say I am also pocked and measled and know when to back off. also you get older. if they attacked Carolyn I immediately came to the rescue (not that Carolyn herself is incapable to shove morons off). but there was also a strange phenomenon: we could reciprocally feel what was the matter with the other, transoceanically. I had this also with Linwood and Jacques Andervilliers. then a sad thing is that some friendships fade, even a love affair which brought Linwood to Europe (2012) and me to the US (2013 and 2014) broke….it does really hurt. I know there are people who do not undergo it all so intensely. I have had several blockings from FB when in downloading images for ‘an Album’, my fashionfoto’s sneeked in a tit here or there. but to me it had to do with fashion. yet you go against the ‘community standards’. in the beginning there was somewhat more liberty. to us, Europeans, we stumble against US-standards which are much more religiouscentered. there is NY, LA, LV, Chicago, Philly, Miami and Seattle and Atlanta. in big cities there are more leftwing people. with roomier esthetics. FB does still appeal to me. it has given me a forum to write 4400, and now unnumbered other texts behind that, and post them. right when laTrumpe was chosen I behaved like a bull in the porcelaincabin. I talked freely about him and met on a wall of silence. you understand that later. now FB is a hyperstructure. of course there are conspiricists, but I have never been that. it is partly, and ‘zonally’, controllable. it has changed the world. it has changed my world.

Tarpit, by Zuzana Susu

you reach your soul when tumbled in the tarpit, sticky
fingers, jetblack hairconditioner, granite walls hewn out,
of the earth, you have fallen in at night and your pulses
are scratched. you have reached the absolute depth:terra

yes then you touch your soul and artificial answers do
not help anymore. it is not easy to climb out of that pit
not becoming a laBrea artifact. and yet we’re bones and
flesh with thoughts (some) and feelings,skin primordially

under the laws ?, rather chaos, of astrophysics we thrive,
float through the universe being as alien as what we made
cinema about. extremophiles on earth living in water boiling
at 125° or under the ice at minus 45° (C.) or in sulfur coats

thrive nevertheless, on earth. in the deep ocean are rivers
which facilitate flourishing anoxide tubeworms, crabs, soft
waving algea, anaerobe micro-environments,where we never
thought to find life. this perhaps to say we’re not so special

we’re not the fucking endgoal of a linear development but
just contingent (accidental) ‘sums’ of our environment
which we now in decades fuck up irreversible. and for our
co-inhabitants. for our children, Baron, Donald.ah fuck them

in an American series about the spark of life settled on earth
it ended, how could it else, with the humans, our fantastic
brains, language, society, sedentarity. we ruled. they never
spoke of viruses, plants, animals, microbes, funghii. daHood

our selfimage is as big as our extremities are small and
overrated, masculinity as an elixir of testosterone in this
violet perfume fiol. however, oestrogens, enzymes, hormones
other than for reproduction shall spread like ink in water