Delusions of Deity by Elaine Christie

Everyone hates the Government
Including the Government. They snarl and snipe
at each other like mad-dogs slavering.

They have no nobility of ancient tribesmen,
or morals of the common man.
Behind their bawdy belfries of opulence – they are
just cloned carbon clowns, coked up
on delusions of deity.

They have crushed our green and pleasant land.
Spitting braille on unity, as they ridicule our rights
Mocking our freedom of speech.
You have broken wishbones with your hypothermic heart.
Crumpled dreams with your blueprint trivia.
Falsely fuelling fury on ugliness or deformity
After all an overcrowded country
must have casualties.

Justice fails at every corner
These are lawless times and the victims pay.
Women have been dealt a thorny crown.
Children crucified –
and you hold the nails.
Men break under the cross of war
You who are unprepared to take up arms yourself.
But wield your Nazi gavel of grave oppression.

In the bloody molasses of greed, guns and gold
Leaving nature and animals martyred
Judas has massacred the rangers – Now
they want retribution, a due reckoning.

I condemn you and say – may your godhood go with you
Au revoir, adieu, arrivederci, adios,
sayonara, ciao, hasta la vista
Fuck off Cameron!

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