Song of the Androgene Chick 1976 by Rachael Clyne

I’ve been zenn’d I’ve been centred – far out man!
With all the right books, my head in the right space
Bare my armpits au naturel, I put kohl on my face
hugging my thighs – leg warmed you know
and it’s swing low breasts and scarlet lips
boys (and girls) le’mme give you a kiss.
Smoking my way through the day.
Hey man did you read Castaneda? Fuckin’ amazing!
I’m the dice woman of Clapham Common
Clapham? Turnham Green man!!

Nudity? So what! Bisexuality? Nice one!
How far d’ ya have to go to be noticed?
freak normality drifting through hash smoke
I’ve been zenn’d I’ve been centered –
got some coke? Get into it babe
put on those cool sounds
‘cos it’s a whole Walt Disney day.

But what do you do with your day?
Just sit and pretend I’m centred
don’t give a shit. Where’s the music, the coke?
Don’t Bogart the joint just gimme a toke
I still read zen with my brown rice bread –
now and then, wrapped in alpaca,
strictly for tourists – no acrylic mate
it’s the real thing.

Once wrote a song –
think I’ll make it as a song writer?
Seeking instant highs, feeling that naked lunch
packing its punch through acid nights
and amphetamine dawns, fag ends
like maggot-bait squirm in the ash tray –
just take me away to the country
where I know I’ll get bored
crave rooms full of smoke
don’t Bogart that joint just gimme some dope
the later, the longer, the better the day
the more fanfuckingtastic, just take it away
Getting my rocks off – d’ya think it’ll show?

Something tells me I’m getting a negative look
can’t reach out the doorway, only do it through books
dream merchants living for the hungry now
spending the spendfast money
on clothes to disguise the pig chauv.
D’ya want to sleep with me honey?
Don’t shave my armpits but I raze my legs
half doing my aerosol thing
we don’t really do sex any more
controlling the function
‘cos it’s a fanfuckingtastic morning
it’s a masturbatory day

and I’m reading that Dice Man baby
O’ what a zodiac day!
What sign are you? What don’t you do?
Creaming yourself in the mirror
how do you come? Are you having fun?
Are you zenn’d are you centred?
With your Turkish necklace, Peruvian gloves,
Chinese waistcoat and Levi jeans,
Indian shirt and Sioux moccasins,
hennaed hair and kohl rimmed eyes
How far d’ ya have to go to be noticed?
What did you do today?

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