Definitions by Pauline Sewards


is a pentogram of black twigs on snow

is a simple shift dress

and a chignon, highlighting good cheekbones

is a single note reverberating

into a chapel with one candle burning

is a lone star

is the poem with one line taken out

it is  a white room with pebbles arranged

on a slate shelf

is the sparse vegetation

of a Japanese garden or plate



is a spoonful of mediciene clashing against gritted teeth

a gut bucket of processed chicken

it is 700 TV channels

( sometimes austerity looks like plenty)

it is a digital nudge wink distraction plan

the false economy of a two for one white and brown chaser

a grey complexion over sunken cheeks

it is feeeling worthless like gum under the sole of a shoe

it is the man with street grimed hands on the March

who instead of carrying a banner

dragged all his possesions in a single suitcase


It is the pointing finger

why did you neglect yourself?

how did you get in this state?

what are you going to do about it?

why did you leave it so late?

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