The Law of Unintended Consequences by Mark Carlisle

Will we find

that very soon

before much time

has passed,

that a brand new


will emerge

with roots

that grow

so fast?

Will monsoon rains

release their torrents

flowing with such


bringing tidal waves

of sorrow,

flooding ever

further north?

Will the angel

weep an ocean

of tears that rust

her wings,

when she sees

the trees

‘long Alba’s border

now filled with

English men?

Do you think

she will be able,

to find mercy

in her heart,

for all those

poor lost soul’s

who’s world’s

are torn apart?

The Scots would

grant asylum

to all seeking


Wouldn’t leave

them to just

get on with it,

the law of



arising from

the choices

they’ve made

so freely

now and in times

gone past.

We are after all

only human

searching for

some symmetry

in the chaos

of existence.

Let’s hope

that we never

lose touch

with our own


as multinational




forces us all

into a life




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