Knights of Old by Mark Carlisle

Whatever happened

to all of the Knights of Old?

They who were more than

just both brave and bold

The ones who were ever

so very kindly and good

Whose loving compassion,

folk really understood.

Great men of high virtue,

yes men of true grit,

Who would never be contented

upon their laurels to sit?

Greedily hoarding their gold,

stocking full their ripe stores

Wallowing like pigs in the shit,

as it grows ever more.

A brand new Arthur

is what we all need!

A man with 21st Century

understanding indeed.

Who comes from the people

and who speaks for the folk.

Whose great power and authority

only God can revoke.

A man of high ideal

that really truly believes,

That the power of justice

can just never deceive.

Noble of heart defending

all who are downtrodden.

Wreaking vengeance upon all

whose gains are ill gotten.

Yes what ever happened to all

of these Knights of old?

They who were much more

than just both brave and bold.

They are all pensioners now,

old tired stiff and sore.

These great men who fought

the war supposed to end all wars.

What entitlement did they win

now that they’ve grown older?

When the care home semolina

grows much more than just colder!

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