Child of our Time by Jackie Biggs

(for Omran Daqneesh,

and all the other children in Aleppo)


He’s the kid who

wiped his bloody hand

on the seat,

on that orange cover.


Maybe it won’t show much,

the blood on his hands –

and on ours,

on that orange.


He has lived all his life

in a war zone,

it is all he knows.


The doctor says,

          we live in a new holocaust,

          in the 21st century.


          Every day our hearts are broken,

           but we must do what we can.


This boy was ‘lucky’, he says.

He is still alive.



Jackie Biggs is a freelance writer, editor and poet. Her first collection of poetry, The Spaces in Between was published in September 2015 by Pinewood Press. Some of her poetry (and other work) appears on her blog:


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