A State Called Shock by Paul Griffiths

I watched as silence strangled opinion.
Just as madness ran amok.
Fear can grip you tight like a vice.
Lost in a state called shock.

I’ve seen reason fly out the window.
To proud to think it can’t fall.
I’ve witness good men turning evil.
Then lining their friends to the wall.

I listened as truth get all twisted.
Lost in the tangle of lies.
I have seen innocence stolen.
From out of the children’s eyes.

I’ve seen human rights ridden rough shod.
Then trampled beneath a Jackboot.
They say power corrupts absolutely.
When the first sign of dissension takes root.

I have seen one man move a nation
To make the masses rise up and applaud.
I witnessed governments toppled.
As tyrants now fall on the sword

I know I don’t have all the answers.
It’s not in my nature to preach.
So never let your opinion get strangled.
Don’t lose your right of free speech.

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