Powers of earthly plot still carry much strength by Dave Rendle

( for Guy Fawkes)

Remember, Remember,the Fifth of November
Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators,
religious fundamentalists of their age
who on this day tried to carry out their deadly plot,
because of passionate indignation
a message that still chimes with us us today.

Political corruption, in parliament
and backrooms woven with thickets of greed,
however I’ve never been to keen on bombs
currently I’m planting bulbs for springtime,
to allow  freedoms petals to explode and inspire
waiting for winds of change to blow, energies to invoke,
that can help reveal truth’s essence 
beyond ignorant and irrational threads.

Down here below among bedrocks of tears,
we can still make those above tremble,
planting seeds of dissent and rebellion
putting right to wrongs, with the strength of conviction,
against the arrogance of those who cling on to political power
like nature we can grow wild and defiant
with deliberation and courage, and fortitude,
if we keep pushing,their days in control, might crumble
our powers of earthly plot, still carry much strength.

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