Phone Pest by Dave Rendle

I lose my head often in the midst of thought
I feel no sudden loss or unexplained pain,
The telephone rings, disconnects the silence
Are they tapping into my attitude
As I lose my resolve in the middle of day
Answer a cold caller going by the name
                     of pest.

Good day sir, he says
I’m with opinion research
I would like to ask you a few questions
It will only take a few minutes
And then we will be done
Promise wont ring again,
But its never really that simple
Because once bitten, they return again
Usually at a time of most inconvenience.

I simply have no urge to participate
Or time to lose my patience,
Its just another boring distraction
They want to know what I consume
What  flipping things I like the most
As the world continues to burn.

But there’s nothing new to be said
I tell them not to worry or fret
Try not to lose too much sleep
Every day is full of surprises,
Consumer lifestyle choices
Really are not my bag.

In the face of social decay and vast corporations
Eating away at the future of humanity
There’s enough pesky problems in the world
From birth to death, bitter pills to taste
So please can you stop pestering me
as the phone line goes dead, peace is restored.

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