Deserve to exist by Jodie Mcloughlin

Born in the red
Deficient of virtue
merely as a result of where (and to whom) you were born
When we open our mouths
they know we are nothing
Undeserving of their welfare
yet deserving of perpetual scorn

She tried so hard
to ‘drag herself up by her bootstraps’
Taught by society that hard-work and brains are enough to get by
Oh but what happens when illness and discrimination rear their ugly heads?
Like a snarling dog who carries on attacking you however hard you cry!

“There’s no shame in being born in the gutter
but staying there by choice is truly a sin”
Covered in the dirt from their disposable society
Only black and white thinking,
no empathy within

You – yearning nostalgically for
Gloriana Victoriana!
As you blame and shame,
calling the most vulnerable crooks
The the Ladies, Sirs, M’lords, Mr CEO, media
escape from your net,
you choose to let them go –
off your radar and off the hook!

Morally repugnant are the homeless
Devoid of charm are the sick ones you abhor
Deserving of pity are the hard done by workers
unless they fall into the category of ‘the undeserving poor’.

Right and wrong with no disparity
between those with no opportunities and those who ‘choose’ to be this way

No workhouses only jobcentre schemes
No poor houses only hostels and temporary B’n’B’s
Only policies made by the shortsighted elite
who can’t see the forest for the bloody trees

I hear your excuses
The parroted propaganda and shrieks of “dirty communist'”, “Such a bad man”!
I was born in the red,
screaming for change and equality
and some of you will never understand

I hear you furiously trying to justify
but you don’t feel my insides twisting,
every time you imply with a superior tone,
that we’re morally bankrupt for merely existing

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