Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January by Angela E Brooks

Somehow it’s got a special day to remind people to remember, as if the actual fact is not enough, and the faces of eternal suffering do not describe the pain, the sorrow the longing for it to have never happened, but the knowledge that it did and could again.
Now we sigh and shrug our shoulders as the Jewry is out, all of us aware of the dangers we are facing. Hatred and racism, fear of the unknown, lead the mindless to unspeakable acts of violence on the innocent, old and young. We may say, and mean it, “It must never happen again” but close our eyes and minds to the world outside our bubble.
So we have a special day, Holocaust Memorial Day, which reminds us not to forget the evil which can be released if we are not vigilant, then tomorrow we can close our doors, and close our ears to the cries of the Jewry as another of their number succumbs to his own private Holocaust, under the boots of the Far Right, out there, in the street, in this England.

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