kultur by Tamra Smith

When I was born addicted to smack

Thank God there was no such thing as crack

No child was as confused as me

Fed me in the womb with L.S.D

I survived twas my destiny to

Open my eyes and look right at you

Seeing stars, seeing colours, i’m blind

Drawn to sounds of the guitar, I find

My Daddy drunk, playing that guitar

He drank at home and not at the bar

He liked his gear, so he had to hide

He smoked it in doors until he died

So long ago, he’s a lost soul now

Find my Daddy, no I don’t know how

I’ve been to the sky, I’ve been to the sun

Paralysed heart, I let my mind run

I’m like my mama, dead in my bed

She’s alright when she’s right off her head

At night we raise spirits from the dead

Listen to what dead people have said

Talk to my brother, dream his reply

My sister, I didn’t want to die

There are toxic fumes inside my lungs

I’m happy with the feeling they’ve brung

Drugs won’t kill me, but life might yet

Not if what I want I always get

Where am I if I’m not getting high

Just another suicide, goodbye cruel world, goodbye

This drug culture, I’m the work of it

This drug culture, it’s a fucking hit

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