Rape by Arbi Mchiche

Oh, how green
How beautiful
Was the grass!
I was then a little lass
Playing around in the grass

Suddenly, some brutes came!
Brutes with a large frame!
None of them said “hi” or his name
First I thought their aim
Was to play with me some game
I was wrong
The brutes had a scheme
A scheme so base and extreme
That buried all my dreams
The brutes had a bloody aim
They didn’t want to play any game
Their aim was to turn me into their game
They smiled at me!
They walked towards me!
They walked over me!
They tore the clothes over me!
They invaded me!
No one heard me grunt!
No one heard my ribs squeak!
The brutes broke my cunt!!!
And of that I can’t speak!
I just to myself silently shriek!!!!
And of that I can’’t complain
Cos I know you’d think I’m to blame!!!!

Short bio:
Arbi Mchiche is an EFL teacher from Morocco. Among his major interests are reading poetry and rhyming. He has already co-authored three books of poetry with Lynn Rosen. Hunger Rhymers, Children of a Secondhand God, and Peace, Rest in Peace are all available on Amazon

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