Squatter in the House by Dave Rendle

There’s a dangerous squatter in the house
With a lust for power, playing with our lives,
In league with dark forces, even dodgier friends
Hope will try to stop her, driving us round the bends,
Spreading insecurity, contradictory  policy
Getting into bed with DUP monstrosity,
She’s like a bad joke wearing thin
Rally irritating getting under skin,
Who  said the naughtiest thing she’d ever done
Through fields of wheat as a child she once run,
Would be endearing if she had not spread  misery
Pushed so  many  of us into grinding poverty,
This profiteer of capital and shares for personal gain
As she tears up her manifesto, she really has no shame,
Soon we’ll feel a warm glow when she’s gone
As time keeps the pressure on her to jog on,
Her policies of instability creating to much pessimism
At least we can  thank her for bringing back socialism.

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