Poem for Asifa by Ananya S Guha

Asifa, my love
burns burns
but they who burnt
and mauled you
their hearts have turned
rock like into sediments
of dirt, the goddess in
the temple must have
shivered in terror
O Goddess will you forgive?
don’t you remember when
you appeared from Kailash
during autumn rains, me as
a child watched you with your
dancing maidens, O Parvati
O Siva, where is Asifa now
in which forest of despair, death
and agony? What oblations
will greet you, me, her
where will all the children go?
shrieking in terror?
eight, nine, ten, twelve year olds
Asifa my dear beloved sweet little
girl of my country, they have desecrated
all the temples, churches, mosques and synagogues
in your little little world of horses, forests and peripatetic
travels. You can’t grant them any peace
Nor can I
Only the angry God with his trident can.

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