They teach us (After Tory Britain), by Dave Rendle

They teach us  to be subservient and respectful
To obey their rules, which they change whenever they choose,
Treat us with hatred and derision, humiliation and disrespect
Destroying communities, continuing to insult and neglect.

They teach us about pain and desperation,
Tell us everything’s alright when it isn’t,
Turning a blind eye for their own means
That we’ve been conditioned not to notice.

They teach us, about broken promises, desolation
Ghost like towns, where hope and love has gone,
Levels of greed everywhere, forces of negation
As we stumble and fall, all they offer is rejection.

They teach us, about abandonment and disillusion
Hatred and division seeping daily through our lives
Barbarism and racism swallowing up hearts and mind
Time to depart this darkness, these tides that bind.

They teach us, how to question, rippling waves bursting through
With different rays of possibility,for the many not the few,
Springing back with resilience,bringing a  splash of hope
In  our country sinking in the mire, with faith we can develop.

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