Fox and Friends, by Tom Lagasse

Greeting us from their faux living room,
Fox’s friends – attractive, well-dressed,
The mask of perfect hair and make-up
For high definition scrutiny – spin
Cautionary tales with shock and awe.

The discourse just begins so easily with
The nuance and subtlety of black and white
where white is right and any shade darker should be feared.

With all the nuance of a sledgehammer, they co-opt and
subvert terms like justice, patriot, and freedom.  It tastes
smooth and sweet like honey to the embittered but are now
half-eaten, emptied of nutrition, and soon to be all gone.

In the executive office, Fox delights
In stealing something more valuable
Than money or honey.  The incalculable
cost of such cunning will be with life.
Rabbits, bears, wolves, elephants,
and donkeys beware. 

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