A Well Dressed Man, by Rick Davis

In early sunlight
A well attired man
Seems to cry
Into space
With angry taunts
At street people
He holds
In disdain –
He would love
To toss them
In a burning
I notice his
Banal painted
And as I walk
North on cloudy
Kimble Avenue
I approach him
Wishing I crossed
The street
And feel
Resonant anxiety
And he says to me
(Or at me)
“Look at the
Lazy bums…!”
And I want
To tell him
That he is
With stereotyped
He points again
With the bony
Of Uncle Sam
So the sun
Hangs doubtfully
In fog
And I feel
A need
For a nice
Warm shower
To wash off
Familiar dust
That identifies
With the man’s
Almost black
And I feel
Such sadness –
His soul
Is like
Empty water
Of a
Stagnant pond.
I bless this
Statued man
As the wheels
Spin clockwise
And as I
Head back home
The warm
Relaxes me
In whistling


Rick lives with his wife, Marrianne, in the Chicago area.  They have a cat & dog.  Rick holds degrees in psychology, english & religion.  He authored three published books & his poetry appears in several small journals

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