In Each of Her Folds a Promise Waits, by Marissa Glover


After My twelve year old Asked Me to Tell Him What I Thought About the School Shooting in Parkland, Florida—in Four Words PLEASE—he added, to avoid hearing a dissertation on the subject and because he had homework to do before class, by Marissa Glover

Gun control would help,
so would mental health—
it’s a mad world.

America is not Australia:
Australia is an island;
Mara crosses our borders.

Criminals break the law;
evil finds a way—
a knife killed thirty.

Children should be sacred;
one is too many—
I support #NeverAgain.

Our nation is sick—
we’re addicted to anger;
blame’s easier than change.

We all need Jesus.
Even you and me.
We cannot save ourselves.

Stay safe, son. Please.


Marissa Glover teaches and writes in Florida and shares her thoughts more than necessary, which she considers a form of charitable giving. If it counted as a tax deduction, she’d be rich. Her work is found or forthcoming in After the PauseAmaryllisClear PoetrySolstice Sounds, and other journals. Read more at and follow her on Twitter.

Bang Bang There Goes Your Heart by Marissa Glover

After we post Instagram pics:                       ample booty

red lips                       round faces     these happy pouts

out with our besties—


after we subtweet lyrics to our ex: #badforwomen

so everyone knows the song is about him,


we wish now for one more night,

for someone new to take the stage, someone

to sing the world’s broken hallelujah whole again.