Could Be by Dominic Albanese

really n truly
a big
either con game
side show
this entire set of
n social order
can you not see
there are among us maybe 600 people
who could fill pick up trucks full
of cash
from interest on loans
they made to
Joe Shit the rag picker
from his 3 dollars of tax
on his 9 dollars of pay
n Willy Bob Betty n Judy,,,,,,all pay
then get old
n get a kick back just enough
to get by on…..(barely) while
supposed leaders keep up
either giant pile of hammered manure
called……Nation Building
or’……spreading policy ……..drilling for oil
each idea is more belligerent than the
idea before it
n one one quiet deck side morning
staring out at flowers n happy grass
ask yr self
did this massive debt….bait and switch
called Progress
really make my day
easy….was I spiritually fed
did I die a bit each day
my daily bread

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