Tapeworm by Giselle Marks

I love nature, the world is so fine

everything’s in its proper place,

even me here in mine.

But some days I consider

if creepy crawlies would be missed.

Spiders kill flies which is good

and leeches cleanse the blood,

but do tapeworms need to exist?


Bees and worms are of great use

pollenating flowers and making honey

while the worms break down refuse

to help us survive and make money.

A tick is something I cannot justify

they spread disease to all who pass.

I look at today’s political farce

A similarity occurs I need to ratify.


The tick is too small to really compare

with the revulsion I feel for this bugbear.

But tapeworms are ugly parasites

they take the food that’s yours by rights.

Slimy, foul and very unpleasant

should I just say the non-president.


Hold him supreme?

What a stupid dream!

The office he’s not worthy of

as he destroys all you love.

He makes me squirm

More than the tapeworm.

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