Aleppo by Angela E Brooks

Is it still Aleppo now that it’s flattened into anonymous rubble? How much more destruction can it take before it is seen to be destroyed? Horror upon horror dulls the senses until the little children Covered in grey dust, fighting to breathe become commonplace To our eternal shame. This war, the warlords say, will go […]

Loop by Angela E Brooks

It’s a loop in my head, I can’t get rid of it Round and round it goes on an infernal merry-go-round The migrant crisis, look how they suffer Don’t turn away now the camera doesn’t lie. But wait. Now the migrants are not migrants. They are predators, preying on our generosity, our soft hearts. Their […]

On Sangatte by Angela E Brooks

This green and pleasant land of riches Draws the poorest to its shores Who then discover the greatest lie, There’s no welcome and the gates Of this nirvana are closed, the promises Of last years politics turned to dust. So, disaffected and unwanted they huddle These shabby masses, claiming our green spaces, Ungrateful for the […]